#Designed4Trash: Carpet

This product was suggested by Eva-Maria from the Netherlands

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Carpets consist of many materials, all mixed and glued together, making it pretty much impossible to be recycled. This is a BIG waste problem: Yearly there is 900 million square meter of carpet waste in Europe. As reuse and recycling are virtually non-existent, carpets are either landfilled or incinerated. With the landfilled carpet only, we could get Amsterdam on sea level in 2050! (At the moment Amsterdam is 2 meters below sea level).

Solutions: Design for recyclable and nontoxic carpets

This solution was suggested by Monica from USA
Carpets can be made recyclable, but brands are choosing not to do that. Lots more at https://changingmarkets.org/portfolio/carpet-recycling/

Solutions: DSM-Niaga fully recyclable carpet

This solution was suggested by Linde from The Netherlands
Joint venture DSM-Niaga came up with a sustainable solution for the carpet waste problem and redesigned carpet for full recyclability. Instead of a complex set of materials, their carpets consist of one or two materials only. Their duo-material carpet can combine polyester with all main man-made and natural face fibers (like wool), and is designed to be easily separable after use. Their mono-material carpet is made of polyester only. These two designs make it easy to turn a Niaga carpet into valuable PET granulate and clean fiber again.

This means that an old carpet is no longer waste, but turns into valuable material that can be used for any new product!

Solutions: Cork

This solution was suggested by Tamar from England
A sustainable recyclable and biodegradable (if installed without plastic coating) solution. Cork floors are also very soft warm and sound insulating.

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