#Designed4Trash: Yogurt cardboard packs

This product was suggested by Rita from Portugal

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The assembling cardboard that wraps yogurts, namely those that are already together through the top hard plastic

Solutions: Homemade yogurt

This solution was suggested by M H from USA
It is very easy to make yogurt at home if you have a thermometer. Buy just one cup of plain yogurt. Heat a liter or so of milk to 176F (80C).
Allow it to cool. If desired, add 1/4 cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla while it's cooling.
Once the milk has cooled to ~105F (40C), stir in the store-bought yogurt as starter.
Allow the mixture to sit overnight in a slightly warm place. I put it in a glass jar in my oven with just the light on.
Refrigerate and serve. Reserve a bit of your homemade yogurt to use as starter for the next batch.

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