#Designed4Trash: Fast fashion clothing

This product was suggested by Laura from Lithuania

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The environmental impacts of fast fashion range from chemicals used to produce textiles, which can pollute rivers and oceans, to high levels of both pesticide and energy use.

Solutions: swap parties

This solution was suggested by katell from italy
swap parties: exchanging your wardrobe with friends, and friends of friends.... is really IN these days, from London to Paris and Milan

Solutions: customizing old clothes or swap parties

This solution was suggested by katell from Italy
customizing: many times, it 'is all about giving a new touch to "old" things that makes them "new " to us...

Solutions: Buy it once last a lifetime

This solution was suggested by Emmaleah from Australia
Choosing to buy better quality products when it is actually necessary to make a purchase

Brands Making Clothing That Will Last a Lifetime...guarantees its clothes for life, and offers repairs "at a reasonable charge" for normal wear and tear !


Solutions: Zerowaste circular fashion system

This solution was suggested by Fi from New Zealand
Rethinking they way the current system works. Finding the gaps and plugging them with innovative solutions like zerowaste, living wages and ethics.

Solutions: Buy, Swap or Sell - Stores

This solution was suggested by A. Manon from Switzerland
Stores where Individuals can sell their old clothes, swap them for other 2-hand ones or buy them.

Solutions: Buy (and sell) Second Hand

This solution was suggested by Shayna from New Zealand
Support local Salvation Armies, Hospice Shops, SPCA or other great organisations or help those who are making the effort to sell their good second hand items by purchasing from Trade Me or other online trading sites. Local communities on Facebook often have Buy and Sell groups too.

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