#Designed4Trash: Flexible Pouches

This product was suggested by Jordan from United States

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Flexible packaging is made from several layers of plastic, aluminum, and other finite materials, and by design, is not recyclable. Hundreds of billions of single-use pouches are created every year and none are recovered for reuse, wasting tons of valuable resources every day they are buried or burned.

Solutions: Recycled Paper-waxed pouchers without plastic sipper

This solution was suggested by Lorena from Spain/New Zealand
If the industry can't help but create single use products, then make them compostable and from recycled paper (or don't create them at all).

I suggest not using plastic sippers at all. Instead, create a waxed-paper elongation at the poucher, that you can just bite and sip from there. Simple, functional, comopostable (still not renewable, but better than plastic ones)

Solutions: Algae-based edible & biodegradable 'containers'

This solution was suggested by Lorena from Spain/New Zealand
As easy as you can DIY at home:


While others are already commercializing it:


Solutions: Bar soap

This solution was suggested by Alexa from USA
Instead of liquid soap, go back to bars of soap. They can be packed in paper. This won't work for all plastic packs, but it would also eliminate plastic soap pumps, which cannot be recycled.

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