#Designed4Trash: Toilet paper

This product was suggested by Tania from Greece

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As per Worldwatch's "Flushing Forests", 54m trees yearly are cut for America's tp habit alone, flushed or ending up in landfill. If the rest of Asia, etc switches to this unsustainable, unsanitary (not ok for babies, ok for adults?) practice...

Solutions: Water (hose bidet, bidet attachment, squeezable sports water bottle...)

This solution was suggested by Tania from Greece
Hose bidets are easy to rig, other alternatives can be simple as well. More hygienic and uses less paper (and/or use a drying towel).

Solutions: Toilet paper replacement

This solution was suggested by Linley from Australia
As well as having recycled paper toilet paper, you can sew a small cloth bag and hang it near your toilet. Each time you go to a cafe, collect all the (unnecessary) paper napkins and place them in your hanging bag. Use these instead of toilet paper.

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