#Designed4Trash: Disposable Diapers

This product was suggested by Tifenn from France

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Un enfant utilise une tonne de couches durant sa petite enfance. A quel moment prendrons nous conscience que nous pouvons changer ces dernières contre des couches lavables. Sensibiliser un enfant dès sa naissance est pour moi indispensable afin qu'il grandisse en ayant conscience de l'impact que nous avons sur NOTRE planète !

Solutions: Fabric diapers

This solution was suggested by Núria from Barcelona, Catalunya
There are several options of fabric diapers with paper or fabric inserts.
They are more transpirable than plàstic ones, cheaper and softer.
You Don't have to clean them by hand just take The poo off and put them in The washing machine.
With 24 fabric diapers you start from day 1 till the end and you spend about 200€ instead of 2000€

Solutions: Natural Toilet Training

This solution was suggested by Nadezhda from Bulgaria
Even the newborn can give signals when need to go the bathroom. There is a book called "The Diper Free Baby" from Christine Gross-Loh. Also available in PDF.

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