#Designed4Trash: All fast food packages

This product was suggested by Barbra from Netherlands

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Fast food packages usually wrapped in a paper/laminated paper, served with/without plastic fork, knife... eaten in 5 minutes and disposed. You cannot use recycled material as it is contact with food...

Solutions: Bring your own

This solution was suggested by ZoƩ from Nederland
Ask if they want to put your food in your own brought tupperware, if needed. People will first ask questions, but when you explain you dont want to create waste, they will accept it and start to think about waste themselves.

Solutions: Ask your restaurant to use recyclable packaging

This solution was suggested by Iveta from Czech Republic
Simply just go to those shops/restaurants/cafes that use recyclable packaging. Im sure there are some in your area, you just have to look for it, which will only take you small amount of time...and you only have to do it in the beginning and then you know where to go. Or, if you cannot say good bye to your favorite restaurant, try to talk to them about using disposable packaging...once they see a demand, it would be not very business-like thinking if they do not respond to it by providing supply...especially if the demand would come from more people.

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