#Designed4Trash: Plastic Bags

This product was suggested by Lucia from Italy

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Solutions: Quality bags with a deposit and return system

This solution was suggested by Thomas from Danmark
Imagine if the bag you got from the supermarket was worth a couple of euro, and the supermarket would give you the money back for it, if you returned it, you could also just keep it for next time you go shopping. Then supermarkets could make quality bags instead of the easily damaged plastic bags that are circulating now, they have no value for people and they just end up in the garbage. This would give people an incentive to always bring their bags, and if they decide to throw them away, they would still be returned and have value for someone else. The system should be implemented everywhere and it should be possible to return all the different bags in all shops.

Solutions: cotton bag

This solution was suggested by Maria from Belarus
cotton bag for many times use

Solutions: Bag made with old pices of clothing

This solution was suggested by Amandine from france
Sac fait avec des tissus de vieux vêtements ou linge de maison !

Permet d'avoir une meilleure alternative aux sacs en tissu créer avec de la matière première. KUFU est une entreprise en plein essor depuis un an qui propose déjà cette solution, pour ceux n'ayant pas le temps ou ceux n'étant pas trop manuels, par exemple.

Solutions: Ban the Bag Tax

This solution was suggested by Michelle from USA
As a policy solution, cities, counties and states can choose to ban the plastic bag thus enabling people to bring their own bag when they go shopping. If a person forgets their bag, they can purchase one at the store for a few cents. Meanwhile, this purchase will be inclusive of a small "bag tax." The money from this tax can be utilized for improving the environment based on the desires of the voting population. (Environmental clean-ups, improved recycling initiatives, etc.)

Solutions: Avani - I AM NOT PLASTIC

This solution was suggested by Augusta from Italy
From Bali a great biodegradable solution. Go guys!
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