#Designed4Trash: Single Use Plastic Bags for Food

This product was suggested by Anna from Denmark

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Single Use plastic bags to save anything of food.
Very popular product in Denmark (instead of using reusable containers)

Solutions: Cotton or Flanel Bag

This solution was suggested by Pa from Switzerland
Before shopping take a few Cotton/Flanel bag with you. If you have a shop where you find pasta, grains, rice, fresh fruits, etc. in bulk you always have your bag.

Solutions: Linen bag or boxes

This solution was suggested by Charlotte from Denmark
Use boxes fore stores food, and use organic linen bag for storing bread

Solutions: beeswax wrap

This solution was suggested by Tania from Greece
Reusable beeswax wrap (buy or DIY) for food covers, wraps and bags

Solutions: Organic cotton bags for buying in bulk

This solution was suggested by nĂºria from Catalunya
Small bags specially designed for buying in bulk and fill it in rice, cereals, pasta, sugar, etc

Solutions: Small containers

This solution was suggested by Amanda from Indonesia
Instead of using single use plastic, i prefer to use small plastic containers, especially for freezing food. Each of them contain 1 portion of food or veegies or fruits that my family use to consume. By doing it this way, i could food prep easier and less waste..

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