#Designed4Trash: Coffee capsules

This product was suggested by Delphine from Belgium

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Solutions: Caffettiera

This solution was suggested by Jan from Belgium
Italians know best how to make coffee: you don't need coffee pads for an original caffettiera, and it results in barista-quality espresso.
Also, coffee grounds is great for plants. You can even grow mushrooms with it with a Permafunghi box.

Solutions: Filter coffee machine

This solution was suggested by Hildegard from United Kingdom
Filter coffee machines which use loose ground coffee, bean-to-cup espresso machines, or espresso machines using ground coffee

Solutions: Refilable

This solution was suggested by Will from ireland
Simply make the pods refillable. They can be purchased on ebay.

Solutions: Biodegradable coffee pods

This solution was suggested by Lucia from Italy

Solutions: Capsule-less espresso machine

This solution was suggested by Roberta from Italy
Not all espresso machines require coffee capsules: some of them are provided with refillable coffee filters instead - just like the professional ones you can find in any Italian bar!

Solutions: Make turkish coffee

This solution was suggested by Nadezhda from Bulgaria
Make your coffee in one of these. Just grind coffee beans by yourself or at a local coffee store. Boil water and add ground coffee. Easy!

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