#Designed4Trash: Plastic Toothbrushes

This product was suggested by Pinar from Spain

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Throw away a toothbrush every 3 months because the bristles are made to get bad (planned obsolescence) quickly while the handle is perfectly functional for ages! One person throws away 240 toothbrushes in 60 years, which mostly end up in landfills.

Solutions: Bamboo toothbrushes

This solution was suggested by Maria from Galiza
Bamboo toothbrushes are a good replacement for plastic toothbrushes. Although their bristles may still contain nylon, you can compost or reuse the rest of your toothbrush once you decide to replace it.

Solutions: A few long lasting

This solution was suggested by Maureen from Canada
Is there proof that I need to replace it? How about finding proof that if you let TBs dry out in between uses, that this, could be, a more hygenic way to clean, instead of replacing ONE? Whose need is being filled by buying TBs - customers or corporations??

Solutions: Interchangeable Head Toothbrush

This solution was suggested by Roberta from Italy
With an interchangeable head toothbrush, you can replace the head of your toothbrush only, while keeping the stem!

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