#Designed4Trash: Plastic PET bottles

This product was suggested by Paul from England

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Coke aggressively shuts down eco refillable bottling systems worldwide and replaces them with polluting and wasteful PET bottles.

Solutions: Reusable plastic or glass bottle

This solution was suggested by Maria from Belarus
Don't buy water in plastic bottle. Fill many times your own bottle from durable plastic or glass

Solutions: Glass Bottles

This solution was suggested by Will from Ireland
Glass reusable / refundable bottles

Solutions: Public water tabs

This solution was suggested by ZoƩ from Nederland
Place more water tabs in public spaces where people can refill their bottle with clean drinking water for free instead of buying new plastic bottles.

Solutions: Thermos

This solution was suggested by Eva from Czech republic
metal termos bottle - also keeps your drink cold or warm for a long time

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