#Designed4Trash: Plastic cups and plates

This product was suggested by Isabel from Spain

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Solutions: Ceramic

This solution was suggested by Hildegard from United Kingdom
Durable, re-usable and above all very civilized ceramic/pottery cups and dishes, metal cutlery. Kinder to people and planet.

Solutions: Bring reuseble-bio plates

This solution was suggested by Charlotte from Denmark
For zero waste you can use normal plates og reuseble plastic plates to bring to you picnic, and bring Them back home Alain.
Or Else you can bring bamboo plates wich is better for the naturen, but still put Them in the bin.

Solutions: Cellulose pulp disposable plates and cups

This solution was suggested by Daniela from Italy
If you really need to use single-use plates, then I suggest these ones. They are biodegradable and compostable. They also look a lot nicer than the plastic plates

Solutions: cool DIY from disposable ...

This solution was suggested by katell from Italy
out of used tetra pack (unrecyclable!) , cutting out simple flat dish. very cool for parties. no one wants to throwthe plates ! else, it is also washable...

Solutions: Borrow Steel Vessels from a Steel Vessels Bank & return it after use

This solution was suggested by Avnish from India
When there's a big function in the family, instead of buying plastic vessels (plates, cups, spoons), we should instead hire steel vessels from organisations that can provide steel vessels on rent. One such example is this Plate Bank in Karnataka, India which provides Steel Vessels on rent for any function, along with commercial level dishwashers: http://www.adamyachetana.org/plate-bank/

Solutions: Wheat bran tableware

This solution was suggested by Cristina from Romania
They use ground wheat bran and steam (that's all) to produce plates which you can eat. :)

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