#Designed4Trash: Exfoliating Cream with plastics microbeads

This product was suggested by Delphine from Belgium

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Solutions: Homemade scrub

This solution was suggested by Roberta from Italy
Why to spend money on expensive products to scrub your body with micro-plastics, when you can quickly and easily compose your own fresh scrub with basic ingredients from you kitchen cupboard?
You can use sugar, salt, coffee powder, or even coffee grounds - the upcycling way to pamper your body - and add a drop of essential oil to give it the scent you prefer!
It's simple, cheap, good for the environment... and it's just cool to do it yourself! ;)
Here are a few recipes: http://bit.ly/2rAuWdk

Solutions: Coffee

This solution was suggested by Barbara from Italy
After making a coffee, you can keep the coffee powder you used abd directly pass it on your skin(both body and face). It is an excellent scrub and caffeine is good for skin as well.

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