#Designed4Trash: iMac charger

This product was suggested by Marco from Italy

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Pure planned obsolescence.

Solutions: Python Cords Laptop Charger Protector

This solution was suggested by Daniel from Switzerland
Python Cords prevent your Mac and PC chargers from breaking, while also keeping things organized.

Your laptop cord is constantly under stress as it travels between your office, classroom, favorite coffee shop, and home. The most common stress point is where the soft rubber cord attaches to the hard plastic shell of the power supply. The Python Cord's patent pending design fortifies the area around this stress point, effectively preventing these types of cord breaks from occurring.

Constructed from dust resistant silicone rubber, Python Cords are extremely durable and elastic, with the ability to stretch many times their dormant state without tearing. This also allows Python Cords to fit all Mac chargers as well as most PC chargers on the market today.

Solutions: Sugru

This solution was suggested by Tamar from England
Sugru is a mouldable putty substance that drys into a flexible rubber. It is great for fixing frayed chargers amongst many other things.

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