#Designed4Trash: Disposable sponges

This product was suggested by Eva from England

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Disposable sponges are used only for short amount of time and then thrown to a bin once they start to stink. They are also packed in plastic.

Solutions: Cellulose Sponges

This solution was suggested by Maria from Belarus
Use sponges from cellulose. Look for 100 percent cellulose with no polyester filling.

Solutions: Plant fiber spoonge

This solution was suggested by Charlotte from Denmark
Use and reuse this plant fiber spoonge

Solutions: Old wash cloth and metal scrubber

This solution was suggested by Tania from Greece
A washcloth and metal scrubber work just fine

Solutions: Sponge tawashi

This solution was suggested by Amandine from France
Réalisée à partir de vieux vêtements, de préférence des vieux collants ! A acheter ou faire soi-même ! Le côté "grattant" n'étant plus présent, possibilité de mixer des coquilles d'oeufs à mettre sur l'éponge tawashi. Ou moins zéro déchet, acheter une éponge en paille de fer inox, qui dure quand mêm bcp plus longtemps !

Solutions: Sand as good as metal scrubber , our grand mother were using it (at least in Italy)

This solution was suggested by katell from Italy
This ceramic "dispenser" is hanging in my grand mother's kitchen near the sink : it says: "soap, sodium bicarbonate, sand"...

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