#Designed4Trash: Cigarette butt

This product was suggested by Pol from Spain

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Regardless of the drawbacks we all know that come from smoking cigarettes, the negative impact doesn't stop here. When someone finishes a cigarette, they normally throw it on the floor. This little piece of cellulose acetate contains all the substances that the cigarette releases when smoked. This substance such as carbon monoxide can pollute 8 litres of fresh water. If you take under account that there are 960 million of cigarette consumers nowadays, the impact on the environment can be catastrophic.

Solutions: Green Butts filters

This solution was suggested by Charlotte from Denmark
It would be a joke to think that All People would stop smoking. So the solution could be that the tobako industies was forced to use green Butts filters wish wanish Ina couple of days and is made of natural material

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