#Designed4Trash winning (most hated) products

Here you can find more information regarding the three winning products of the Redesign Europe Challenge, which run from May 16th until June 26th.

News about Plastic Bags

  • Read the new article dedicated to plastic bag as #designed4trash product!

"Imagine you are running out the door to get to work, class, or to drop off your kids at school. You grab the essentials: keys, money, phone. Life is often too busy to slow down and realize that there may be one more essential item: an empty bag. Remembering to bring that one item could be the little step that leads to a positive global change. Well-designed shopping bags already exist. What we may need to redesign is our thinking."

  • Read here about the successful results of the Plastic Bag Free Day! 

"This year the International Plastic Bag Free Day turns 8 and we have seen some spectacular actions! The movement to rid the world of environmentally destructive single use plastic bags continues to grow, and their ultimate replacement with clean, reusable and cool alternatives looks ever more possible. Across the globe we have seen an incredible range of actions, from sand sculptures in Catalonia to upcycled furniture in Uruguay with many more in between. Check out our round-up of just some of the actions which caught our eye!"

  • International Plastic Bag Free Day

It's the international plastic bag free day! As Plastic bags were the most voted (hated) product of the Redesign Europe Challenge, the People's Design Lab is supporting the Plastic Bag Free World movement in campaigning for a plastic bag free world! 

The International Plastic Bag Free Day is a unique opportunity to spread the word that a plastic bag free world is possible and that sound environmental alternatives to single use plastic bags are available. Find more on the international plastic bag free day's website or on the Facebook event!

Styrofoam containers

  • Read the new article dedicated to styrofoam containers as #designed4trash product!

"Styrofoam containers have been voted the 2nd most wasteful item at the Designed For Trash Awards, organised by the People’s Design Lab during last May 2017. Participants on this popular contest have also suggested sustainable alternatives to replace these problematic containers, which are responsible for an increasing amount of plastic pollution on the environment."

Coffee capsules

  • Read the new article dedicated to coffee capsules as #designed4trash product!

"In May of 2017, People’s Design Lab asked people to nominate for the products that were most #designed4trash as well as provide their ideas for more sustainable alternatives. The top 3 most voted items would then receive their own campaign. Believe it or not, coffee capsules were voted number 3."