30 Year Sweatshirt offers an alternative to 'fast fashion'

‘Fast fashion’ where disposable and low quality clothing is replaced on an ever increasing cycle of changing styles and trends has been heavily criticised for the negative impact which it has on the environment, workers rights and consumers pockets. Now a young designer is putting forward a radical alternative.

This idea for an alternative way of producing fashion provides a 30 year warranty on high quality sweatshirts with materials specifically chosen for their longevity and strength, enabling the clothes to overcome the ‘built-in obsolescence’ which is found in many of the more popular clothing items.

Thomas Cridland, 24, was shocked by the trail of environmental destruction across many of the world's cotton production regions. “I came up with the idea of the 30 Year Sweatshirt to make an impact so I could promote the idea of sustainable fashion, to make people think about how their clothing choices impact natural resources”.

Our oceans have also been hit hard by the rise of synthetic textiles in clothing, with millions of tiny microfibres making their way from our washing-machines into the sea. This has a terrifying effect, as the particles are ingested by ocean creatures, and make their way through the food chain, before potentially being found on our plates. At the moment, the health impact of these particles is unclear but they have been shown to cause significant problems for fish, who can die before reaching reproductive age.

Thomas Cridland’s use of natural cotton with a long lifetime provides a sustainable alternative to all these problems and presents an unorthodox approach to fashion, where faster isn’t always better. His designs seek to last a lifetime, and could demonstrate the kind of innovation needed to move towards a zero waste world and a truly circular economy. This is the kind of product we need to replace planned obsolescence and poor design.

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